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Limoncello is a Perfect Holiday Gift

Limoncello is the quintessential homemade gift for Christmas! And now you can buy certified synthetic pesticide free lemons from Florida to make your own delicious limoncello. It gets better! Why not buy your lemons now in time to zest for lemon cello, and juice the remaining fruit for fresh Thanksgiving lemonade. What a treat for young and old alike! Camellia Groves is offering our lemons at 15% off through the remainder of the year for your cooking delight. Order now and specify if this is a gift and we will gift wrap it for you!


  • 2 fifth bottles Everclear grain alcohol

  • 2 fifth bottles Potato Vodka

  • Sugar syrup ( equal parts sugar and

  • Deionized water) to equal 1 gallon heated to dissolve.

  • 24 10/12 ounce spring loaded capped bottles(Amazon)

A few notes.

Your limiting factor is lemons. Purchasing organic or pesticide- free lemons is essential because you are using the skin only. So, plan to juice the fruit afterwards and enjoy fresh lemonade or a cocktail such as Lemondrop Martinis or Fresh Whiskey Sours. We have recipes for all on our blog here.

So, if you order a 5 pound box of lemons from us, you will fill approximately 2 1-quart ball jars with the skin. Peel away only the yellow skin (flavedo) and limit the amount of white(albedo) you cut off. This is a good reason to use Florida lemons which have much less albedo.

Working diligently with a peeler, remove the skin and put it plus 1 bottle of Everclear grain alcohol to fill each jar.

So, 5 pounds of lemons will use 2 fifth bottles of Everclear. This will be mixed with 2 fifths of potato vodka. But, for 3 weeks keep peel mixture under tight lid in refrigeration or cool temperature to preserve the color. Shake from time to time.

When all the yellow oil has been extracted from the peel, you are ready to make the limoncello.

You will need a gallon of sugar syrup, cooled to room temperature. Strain lemon mixture and pour into a large container. Add 2 fifths of potato vodka and stir. Then, slowly add cooled gallon of sugar syrup. Mixture should appear cloudy.

If you have a funnel, use it to pour limoncello into bottles, cap, rinse and store in freezer. Labels should be applied before chilling. Makes approximately 20-22 bottles.


Check out more recipes and lemon fun on Instagram @lemonsandsuch

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