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Four Generations of Florida Citrus Growers  

Horse and Wagon Hauling WG Roe Oranges 1
Grading Oranges in Noble Packinghouse 19
Old Noble Packinghouse Outside 1929.JPG

Our family has been in the citrus business since 1925, known as W. G. Roe and Sons. Four generations of citrus growers specializing in fresh tangerines and pure tangerine juice has been our hallmark, along with a full offering of fresh oranges, grapefruit and specialty fruits. Known for our quality and safe arrivals, our Noble brand is synonymous with the highest quality on the market.

Noble Employees 1952.JPG
WG Roe 1950.jpg

Still in business today,

the family has diversified into smaller niche markets of such novelty fruits as blueberries and pummelos. 


My husband Joe is in charge of production while I focus on sales.  Any day you will find us in the grove, monitoring water and nutritional levels or weeding around the young trees. We believe that an owner's footprints are the most important ingredient in owning a grove and we manage the property ourselves.


Joe and I have since retired to our 35 acre farm, and here we specialize in premium quality fresh Florida lemons, grown as close to organic as possible and have chosen to grow a seedless variety called Harvey, which is virtually seedless* and extremely high quality for juicing and zesting.


Our small family farm now supplies farm to table fresh, pesticide-free lemons to the high-end retail and whole sale market. We ship to Canada as LTL bulk shipments as well as a subscription service of our premium size fruit to the local retail market. We will drop ship orders of 10 pounds or more - just email us! (We no longer offer online ordering.) We also offer our local customers a U-Pick opportunity from time to time.  Make sure to sign up for our newsletter! 


Thank you for your interest in Camellia Groves.

We hope that you will enjoy our fruit and share us with your friends! Go to our Instagram (@lemonsandsuch) page and send us pictures of good food and beverages you have enjoyed making with our healthy Florida lemons! We would love to share any recipes as well.

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