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Premium seedless Florida lemons, grown without pesticides!

Carefully packaged, waxed and polished to arrive in perfect condition.

Florida lemons are thin-skinned and full of juice!

The most versatile superfood ever!

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Camellia Groves U-Pick
Our next event will be

Sunday, September 17, 2023
10:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Lemons, preserved lemon & aioli, lemon curd

and more for sale!
Hotdogs and Lemonade

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Welcome to Camellia Groves


Our name comes from the over 100 hybrid camellia bushes planted on the property by the Carl Jackson Sr. family who owned a homesite and grove on the north end of Eagle Lake in Central Florida in the early 1900s. We bought the property in 1984 and named it Camellia Groves. They created the magical garden we enjoy today. So, join us as we take you back in time to when we got our produce and fruits from the family grove stand around the corner. From our home to yours, we hope you will enjoy the wholesomeness of our juicy Florida lemons with your family and friends.

Juice lemons for cocktails and peel them for homemade limoncello. Go here for recipes.
Sunscreen Lotion
Lemonade season is here!

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